18 ISFP :D 1302 iNdONeSiAn

HeHim ✿ Aquarius

PLS TW/CW gore, assault, nsfw, bugs/insects, jump scares, self harm, clowns
SMALL NOTE i hold my favs accountable for what they did, i call everyone bestie (please tell me if ur uncomfy with that), and if i ever misgender you please tell me i’m still learning :)


prefer dm, tag only if close, selective fb, pronouns in bio & no fonts, sb if unf, priv > rq ok, curse a lot


fit basic dfi criteria, start fanwars, -12, +22, hate my ults, only rt stuff/not interact, use slurs u can’t reclaim, solo stans, can’t accept opinions + criticism

STAN LIST txt beomgyu-soobin, bts jin-jungkook, iu, rv yeri, blackpink rosé-jennie WESTERN taylor swift, stranger things, hearstopper, young royals, olivia rodrigo, clairo, billie eilish, lana del rey, lorde

YES interactions/dms, k-drama, music, anime, movies/shows, marvel, star wars, interacting, summer, rain, sunsets, soobin, my friends
NO sasaengs, stalkers, antis, homophobes, racists, mint chocolate, pineapple on pizza